Research Recast(ed)
A MacEwan University podcast focused on breaking down research and reshaping the conversation.

Join hosts Brittany Ekelund and Dylan Cave as they explore the research, scholarly and creative activities happening at MacEwan University and how faculty at MacEwan influence and/or incorporate students, teaching and the larger community.

Each episode, Brittany and Dylan are joined by a MacEwan faculty to delve into their scholarly projects and bring them to life. Covering topics from theatre, community-based research and advocacy to mental health, neuroscience and everything in between.

Created and funded in collaboration with MacEwan’s Office of Research Services and Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications.

S2E11 - Making it stick: knowledge retention through the nursing program and beyond with Dr. Narnaware
S2E10 - Consumer behavior, black toilet paper, and the concept of weirdness with Dr. Claire Deng
S2E9 - Research Recast(ed) welcomes our new hosts
S2E8 - Give them something, but not too much, with Dr. Murli Muralidharan
S2E7 - The surprising link between the climate crisis and healthcare, with Dr. Maya Kalogirou
S2E6 - COVID-19 and the Next Generation of Residential Care Worker: Lessons Learned, with Dr. Anna Azulai
S2E5 - Who they are, not who they will be, with Robyn Ayles and Heather Fitzsimmons Frey
S2E4 - Hip hop and the Urdu Ghazal, with Sara Grewal
S2E3 - Indigenization of academia, with Shelby LaFramboise
S2E2 - The Aquatic Biosphere project, with Dr. Ross Shaw.
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