Research Recast(ed)
A MacEwan University podcast focused on breaking down research and reshaping the conversation.
S3E6 - Improving the quality of healthcare through supporting health care professionals and caring for the community.
S3E5 - Big Bands and music magic at MacEwan University with Padraig Buttner-Schnirer and special guests Dr.Allan Gilliland and Raymond Baril.
S3E4 - Re-creating Beer and Mulsum like ancient times with Dr. Matt Gibbs
S3E3 - Bringing young minds to MacEwan through experiences, experiments, and fun with Dr. Emily Milne, Dr. Kaitlyn Towle, and Steven Campbell
S3E2 - Microplastics, Fish bellies, and the wonderful world of biology with Dr. David Locky.
S3E1 - Encouraging students and faculty to create meaningful research that impacts change at MacEwan with Dr.Craig Kuziemsky
Imagining chickadees, squirrels, rabbits, and magpies through children's interactive theatre.
How Disney stories are being used to understand economics with Junaid Jahangir.
Dreaming big through research in mathematics and statistics and shaping the minds of young mathematicians with Cristina Anton
S2E18 - Student Research Day: Student Research Spotlight - Katryna Yasinski, Madison Karpiak, and Amy Wildeman
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