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S3E2 - Microplastics, Fish bellies, and the wonderful world of biology with Dr. David Locky.

In today’s episode, Dr.David Locky tells us about his work in wetland ecology and land use impact. Diving underwater, we learn about microplastics in freshwater and organisms. Dr.David Locky is passionate about his research and is excited about the impact his students will make. For more information on Dr. David Locky and his research follow the links below! 

Microplastics in Edmonton Area Waters, CBC: Naeth MA, D.A. Locky, S.R. Wilkinson, C.L. Bryks (Nemirsky), C.H. Low and M.R. Nannt. 2020. Influence of site factors and distance from pipeline on the endangered plant species Halimolobos virgata (Nutt.) O.E. Schultz (Brassicacae) over ten years. Botany 98 (12): 735-746.

2011 Green Paper on the state of Alberta's Wetlands and Policy: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/'S_KEYSTONE_ECOSYSTEM_AT_A_CROSSROADS/links/00b7d5230d6e39ad68000000/WETLANDS-LAND-USE-AND-POLICY-ALBERTAS-KEYSTONE-ECOSYSTEM-AT-A-CROSSROADS.pdf

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